ITAS Podcast Season 9, Ep.10

My guest on this episode takes a strong stance on the role of AI in the arts. For some artists, his point of view may seem controversial and it already got him into trouble. Listen to my interview with photographer and digital artist Larry Vogel and let me know in the comments where you stand on this topic!

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larry vogel

About Larry Vogel

Professional photographer and digital artist Larry Vogel is co-founder and past director of The Photographers’ Exchange, which has held monthly meetings for members since 1990. After leaving the group in 2011, Vogel created the Digital Photo Exchange, DPX, an online group which holds monthly critique sessions. Additionally, Larry has created a new DPX-AI online group.

Vogel continued his artistic evolution as he entered into the digital age many years ago. And currently explorations have found Vogel wandering into the new Artificial Intelligence world. Although many of his contemporaries have questioned and held off making use of AI, Larry has embraced the new technology and formed new works in collaboration with AI. New collaborative projects have already been been created, fusing AI created images with his own digital camera files and photo-compositing techniques in Photoshop.

Vogel has over 35 years experience teaching workshops, beginning many years ago with his own darkroom series of workshops and now with a full list of digital processing workshops and location workshops. Check out the list of current workshops being offered on the Workshops tab in the above menu.Vogel continues to offer his expertise in the critique process and has been sought out as a judge and instructor for many camera clubs and county fair organizers.

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official website:


DTX Meetup Group:

DTX-AI Meetup Group:

Oceanside Museum of Art and Artist Alliance

Vogel’s Unfair Presentation on YouTube

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