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  • Paper World

    Paper World

    Each of Betsy Silverman’s collages involves an intensive search for images with the correct value, intensity, and hue, as well as printed words to represent a new photorealist form with layered meanings.

  • Art from within

    Art from within

    The conversation I had with Michelle Lubin, a.k.a. MD Ferrera, is the one that will inspire you and restore your faith in yourself as an artist. Like myself, Michelle is a huge mental wellness advocate. She’s raw and emotional, and incredibly self-aware.

  • Lady Dada. Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts

    Lady Dada. Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts

    Another influential woman in art history might have been overlooked by many. Beatrice Wood played a significant role in the Dada movement, had a romance with Marcel Duchamp, and inspired the character of Rose in James Cameron’s Titanic. She lived to be 105 years old and was a working artist till almost the end.⁠

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