Featured: Unstoppable Black Women Artists

Cheryl Ehlers - the unstoppable artist

Cheryl Ehlers – The Unstoppable Artist

“…I actually went to a basement in Savannah, Georgia when I was doing research on my own family. And all the black records are in the basement and all the white records are up in the courthouse. And the black records are falling apart and they’re moldy…” – Cheryl Ehlers

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The artist of mundane life - Courtney Edgerson

Courtney Edgerson – The Artist of Mundane Life

“There may be days or weeks where life can take its toll, and art finds its way to the back burner. But choosing to pick yourself back up and create again is a bold and courageous act. For me, art is something I will always pursue, no matter how many other endeavors I may partake in, I’ll always have my art.”

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