ITAS Podcast Season 7, Ep.1

I’m so excited to start this new season with a new kind of art we never talked about on the podcast before!

Rie Takeda is a master of traditional Japanese calligraphy and a neo-Japonism artist. What does it mean? Well, it is complex and beautiful just like nearly everything in Japanese culture. And there is no better way to learn about it than listening to Rie telling her story and describing her art.

Listen to this episode with Rie Takeda!

Rie Takeda, Neo-Japonism artist and Calligrapher

About Rie Takeda

Neo-Japonism artist and calligrapher RIE TAKEDA ( Hokkaido / Japan )
Rie started practicing calligraphy at the age of five under the creative supervision of her grandmother, a distinguished “GAYU-Ryu” calligrapher. Later she completed the master of the Gayu calligraphy school. It laid a solid foundation for her development of the SUMIE technique in calligraphic design.

Following her art and design studies in Sapporo and London, Rie’s inspiration and enthusiasm for new forms of art, paired with her knowledge of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and design, led her to discover the Neo-Japonism style. The artist’s past 15 years of living in Europe have been incredibly creatively productive. As well as Neo-Japonism painting, Rie produces calligraphy works, Washi paper/Vintage kimono collages, illustrations, and works in Body-Art.

Rie works on several projects, collaborations, and exhibitions – both in Europe and Japan.

Work by Rie Takeda

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