ITAS Podcast Season 7, Ep.2

My guest, boudoir photographer from San Diego Keeley Miller is on a mission to help every woman see their body as a work of art and she does it in a most beautiful way! Seeing her clients empowered and transformed gives her confidence that every woman has the power to take charge of their own life, career, and happiness.

While talking to Keeley, I remembered my own experience with a boudoir photo shoot over 10 years ago. Although it was fun in a way, it wasn’t empowering or transformative and definitely didn’t feel like a day of pampering and self-care.

Listen to this episode and learn more about boudoir photography!

Keeley Miller boudoir photographer

About Keeley Miller

Keeley Miller is a San Diego-based photographer specializing in boudoir portraits for women. 

Her studio combines contemporary black-and-white boudoir photography with an empowering experience that will change the way you see yourself.

Her mission as a photographer is more than just photography — it’s about creating an entire self-love experience that shows her clients as the works of art that they are, of all ages, all shapes, and all sizes.

Boudoir photography by Keeley Miller

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