ITAS Podcast Season 3, Ep.7

In December 2020 (right in the midst of the pandemic and my isolation fever), I walked into my favorite fine art print shop Pixel 2 Editions to drop off some original work for professional capture. And something made me ask if they need spare hands. The answer was “YES” – and this is how got a part-time gig, got to work with amazing people, meet amazing local artists (some of whom have been guests on the podcast already) and learn a lot about fine art print production.

None of this would happen without the guidance and mentorship of Mark O’Donnell, the owner of Pixel 2 Editions. Mark himself is an artist and a fine art printing industry veteran. These two qualities combined drive his purpose of educating artists about print services and helping them find the best solution possible for their creative and business needs.

I have to give you a disclaimer here. This episode is not sponsored but I am definitely biased. After working with Mark and a team for one and a half years, I believe and support the way Pixel2Editions does its business. And I would love to let as many artists out there know about it as I can.

Nonetheless, I promise you a ton of very useful information about your giclee needs in this episode of our art podcast!

Mark O'Donnell - Everything you need to know about giclee

About Mark O’Donnell

Painter and computer graphic veteran Mark O’Donnell decided to take a chance and walk away from his career as a production manager in the digital art field to concentrate on both his art and benefiting established and emerging artists with his expertise in fine art production to get their unique artistic visions out to the masses.

Possessing a blend of technical know-how and an artist’s eye, Mark works from start to finish with each artist making sure every detail from texture to color is taken care of until their creative vision is achieved.

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