ITAS Podcast Season 3, Ep.6

When Elizabeth Rohrbaugh contacted me and said that she has her own “from corporate to art” story I thought it will be very similar to Jenny Jakl’s (S2 E4) or my own. And, boy, was I pleasantly surprised!

My chat with Elizabeth turned out to be one of the most inspiring conversations I’ve had this year! (And, spoiler alert, it has led to another inspiring interview that is coming soon in Season 4 of our art podcast)

Listen to our conversation in this episode of ITAS podcast!

Art is the healthiest addiction - Elizabeth Rohrbaugh

About Elizabeth Rohrbaugh

Elizabeth is a realistic painter and teacher living in Hamilton, Ohio with her husband and sweet dog Josie. 

Her inspiration comes from nature but whether she’s painting florals or landscapes, she likes to add her own personal touch, in color or light.

Observing and capturing those elements on my camera helps keep me present and intentional and constantly aware of God’s beautiful creations!

Elizabeth Rohrbaugh

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