ITAS Podcast Season 7, Ep.4

Jenna Pilant is one of THE most colorful people in the interior design arena. Although she’s technically not a fine artist, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to bring her on the show to talk about her love for color, her inspiring story of finding herself, AND her wonderful friendship with artist Sarah Stieber from the previous episode.

Listen to this episode to learn about Jenna’s colorful story!

P.S.: As it happens sometimes, this conversation went way over time, so I had to cut out the part where Jenna is telling the story of her friendship with Sarah Stirber. It is available on Patreon!

Jenna Pilant

About Jenna Pilant

Jenna Pilant designs to her own joyful beat โ€” banning the beige through her unique polychromatic perspective with interiors, whimsical installations, and upholstered-herself furniture pieces. You can embrace your weirdness too by watching ROOM BLOOM on YouTube!ย 


Work by Jenna Pilant

Room Bloom on YouTube

Jenna Pilant’s portraits by Sarah Stieber

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