ITAS Podcast Season 7, Ep.3

I am a huge fan of Sarah Stieber’s colorful art, vibrant personality, positive attitude, and strong confidence in all the great things. She works hard to make her way as an artist, although it may look on the outside like things are just happening in the best possible way. I’m honored to live in the same town with Sarah! And I really appreciate her time to tell her story and how much it takes to live a truly authentic, integrated art life.

Soon after this episode is out, Sarah is opening a pop-up gallery in the heart of San Diego. So, if you are local or planning to visit at the end of April – May, 2023 I highly encourage you to check out her events page and RSVP as soon as possible.

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Sarah Stieber

About Sarah Stieber

Applauded as “San Diego’s Best Local Contemporary Artist” by Modern Luxury magazine and “San Diego’s Most Colorful Personality” by CBS, Sarah Stieber’s vibrant figurative paintings have made a splash far beyond her SoCal roots.

Stieber Spaces, the design arm of Sarah’s business, has garnered explosive press and is featured in California Interiors Magazine, Modern Luxury Magazine, Apartment Therapy, and San Diego Magazine.

Stieber has created artwork for global brands Samsung, Marriott, and AT&T. Her paintings have been exhibited worldwide, and were recently featured on billboards in Times Square in New York, Picadilly Circus in London, and the Duomo in Milan.

Stieber was named “One of 15 Female Artists You Need to Know from Miami Art Week” by CBS and “One of 50 badass painters you need to follow on Instagram” by Buzzfeed.

Work by Sarah Stieber

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