ITAS Podcast Season 3, Ep.4

In this episode, I invited a Netherlands artist Christy de Witt to discuss her highly unusual style of art and talk about her inspiration. Turns out, Christy is a big fan of fairy tails! No, no, not those sugar-coated Disney versions of the fairy tails but the real ones that have deep roots in hundreds and hundreds of years of European culture. Grim, scary, ugly but so… human. This is exactly what Christy’s “little monsters” are like – very relatable and true to human nature. 

Fables and humanity - Christy de Witt

About Christy de Witt

Christy de Witt is a visual artist and art poet. Her Witty Art is where cartoon & pop art meets surrealism and expressionism. She uses a wide array of mediums, techniques, and materials, currently working on a body of mixed media and collage artworks. Written text plays an important role in Christy’s art, including references to literature, films, and pop culture as well as her own poems.

Her work is deeply rooted in the Human Psyche, despite not depicting actual people. Instead, she uses animalistic, anthropomorphic characters to visualize complex human relationships and emotions, creating what she refers to as “Modern Fables”. Christy is a member of the International Online Art Collective, a group of 15 artists worldwide, who value the power of art to inspire, provoke and heal. She is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The World of Christy de Witt, Creator of Witty Art: ‘Where the Rock courts the Roll, dancing on a seemingly dead volcano’

Links and references

Official website: (currently under construction)



YouTube: Witty Art

Folkloric references:

Sir Reynard: The Fox, the Trickster, the Peasant Hero

The human presence in Robert Henryson’s Fables and William Caxton’s The History of Reynard the Fox

A Quest for Reynard the Fox

Reynard the Fox with Anne Louise Avery

Misconceptions about Beast Fables and Beast Tales, and the Role of the Fox in All of It

The Mystery of the Maastricht Monkeys

How the Grimm Brothers Saved the Fairy Tale

The Dark Origins of the Grimms’ Fairy Tales

The Dark Side of the Grimm Fairy Tales

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