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My guest, an educator, and youth advocate Dr. Michael Bitz is a founder of a Comic Book Project, a literacy and creativity initiative that has engaged young people in planning, writing, designing, and publishing original comic books since 2001! Comic Book Project is one of those rare gems that are not shining on social media but have spread their influence all over the country and abroad and inspired hundreds if not thousands of kids to explore their creativity.

Listen to this episode to learn about this amazing project!

Dr. Michael Bitz, Comic Book Project

About Dr. Michael Bitz

Dr. Michael Bitz, EdD, is an internationally recognized innovator in education who has worked to establish creativity at the core of academic learning. His unique arts-based literacy programs have reached youths around the world and have been featured by the Washington Post, New York Times, National Public Radio, Associated Press, and many other media.

He has published peer-reviewed articles in journals such as the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, Art Education, and Teachers College Record. Dr. Bitz has also written two books: Manga High: Literacy, Identity, and Coming of Age in an Urban High School (Harvard Education Press, 2009) and When Commas Meet Kryptonite: Classroom Lessons from the Comic Book Project (Teachers College Press, 2010). He is also the editor of The Charter School Experience: Voices from the Field (Sense Publishers, 2016). Dr. Bitz is a Professor of Teacher Education at Ramapo College in New Jersey.

About Comic Book Project

The Comic Book Project is an arts-based literacy program that has reached more than 250,000 youths over 23 years around the world. The program engages youths in the process of writing, designing, and publishing original comic books as a pathway to literacy, creativity, and community development.

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