Episode #1. Welcome to our new podcast

After speaking with several artists, I quickly realized that writing their stories in the blog is not going to be enough. They need to be heard.

The level of energy and emotion that each artist brings to the conversation is just priceless. I just can’t keep such treasure in the jar and feed the readers a condensed written version. So, my husband Ron and I decided to start a podcast!

Who will be the guests?

Ron is a musician, and I am a visual artist. He is also a tech geek and I am a psychology junky. So not only do we have very different interests but a broad variety of connections related to them.

We will be inviting artists of all kinds as well as creative minds from not-so-artsy industries. We will also broaden our geography and bring people from outside the U.S.

What will we talk about?

We want to explore the very essence of creativity from every possible aspect and find many possible answers to these two fundamental questions:

  • How to enjoy being an artist?
  • And how to succeed as an artist?

Where to find the podcast?

We host our podcast on Anchor.fm which means it will be distributed to all available podcatchers. As we speak, our first episode is being published on Spotify, Google Podcast, Breaker, Radio Public, and more.

Every episode will be supported by a blog post with images, links and embedded player here on InTheArtScene.com.

Subscribe on your podcatcher of choice and stay tuned!

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