ITAS Podcast Season 4, Ep.4

I love when my guests teach me something I had no idea about in the art world. This interview with Key Dyer is a great example because I didn’t know that making art on USPS sticker labels is a thing! Making art on standard 228 USPS labels is a widespread art movement that involves many talented artists, like Key, who love to collaborate with each other.

What does USPS think about this art movement? Listen to my conversation with Key in this episode and find out! 🙂

Key Dyer - USPS vs art movement

About Key Dyer

Hey there! My name is Key Dyer. I am an acrylic-based artist from the South Bay Area (think San Jose). I do a lot of work on 228 Labels, which are standard US postal stickers. There’s a long history with sticker art, and I’m happy to be part of the amazing community of artists who belong to it.

“Another community I care deeply for centers around mental health.

“We all share a mind and all the ups and downs that the mind goes through. Men’s mental health is of particular interest, even within my work. It’s something I’m very passionate about; because too many young men hold onto or hide their emotions because of societal expectations. Let’s lift everyone up with art and genuine conversations!

“Love each other, and create good vibrations.”

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