ITAS Podcast Season 4, Ep.9

If you are, like me, an artist skeptical about the whole NFT thing this episode is for you. What is a better way to get to the bottom of the issue than talking to someone right at the source? This is why I was super excited to chat with Emily Drewry, Director of Marketing at one of the fastest-growing NFT platforms

Listen to this episode of our art podcast to learn more about the real artist-friendly NFT platform!

Emily Drewry - artist-friendly NFT

About Emily Drewry

Emily Drewry is the Director of Marketing at Voice. Her work primarily focuses on content and community initiatives. She believes in a creator-first economy, where platforms empower their users to be independent, successful businesses. Her previous experience includes leading social strategy at Nasdaq and Forbes.


Voice is a carbon-neutral digital art marketplace. Its mission is to empower creators from all walks of life to build sustainable art practices using the power of blockchain technology.

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