ITAS Podcast Season 7, Ep.6

Watercolor artist, photographer, and grassroots activist Jena Olson found her passion in non-profit operations and is working hard on making the world a better place one artist at a time. She started as a teaching artist at AjA Project and now is a Director of Operations at WIA (Women in Animation), an organization that helps women-identified folks find jobs in the Animation industry.

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About Jena Olson

Jena Olson is an artist, advocate, and nonprofit executive based in San Diego, California with over 15 years of leadership experience in mission-driven arts and social justice organizations. She started her creative journey as a classically trained musician and dancer but in her adult years developed a deep passion for the visual arts, specifically photography and abstract mixed media using watercolor, ink, and acrylic.

When not working or creating art, you can find her reading, long-distance running, or planning her family’s next trip abroad. Jena holds a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Gender Studies and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin and a Master of Arts in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from the University of San Diego; she is also a proud graduate of the Social Justice Training Institute.

About Women in Animation

Jena serves as Deputy Director of WIA, a nonprofit that brings together the global animation community to empower and advocate for people of underrepresented gender identities in the art, technology, production, and business of animation, VFX, and gaming, inspiring excellence and justice in all facets of the industry.

As animation continues to reach audiences of diverse age, gender, ethnicity, abilities, and culture, so does the need to ensure that animation content represents the world as it should be — a world where people of diverse genders are equally represented, both behind the scenes and on the screen, to move culture forward.

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