ITAS Podcast Season 5, Ep.3

Steph Krim, a Chicago-based creative, desided to open her own art vending business, set up a vendning machine and is growing her network of local artists and makers to represent – all while having a baby and working a day job. What?!

Today, Steph’s business Good Things Vending has 2 locations and over a 100 artists. How did she come up with this idea and what was her journey like? Listen to this episode of our art podcast to find out!

Steph Krim. Good Things Vending

About Steph Krim

Steph Krim is the mind behind Good Things Vending, a creative vending machine project in Chicago, IL. She was born in Massachusetts to a family of artists and collectors. In 2008 she moved to Chicago to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and after graduating, worked in hospitality operations helping to open 8 new restaurants and bars.

During this time her love for the Chicago community and arts inspired her to take on her own creative business and thus was born Good Things Vending.

Links and references

Official website:


A map of multiple art vending machines in the US

Kudos to Taylor Valdes of Vending Magic:

Creative Vending Revolution FB group:

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