ITAS Podcast Season 4, Ep.8

When I first saw Betsy Silverman’s work I couldn’t believe it was a paper collage! I was enchanted by the level of details, the colors, and the stunning scenery of her cityscapes. I had to know more about her process. And, boy, did I learn even more than I anticipated!

Listen to Betsy revealing all her professional secrets in this episode of our art podcast!

Betsy Silverman

About Betsy Silverman

Betsy’s artistry combines architectural sensibilities, inspired by a Master of Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design, with her training in color theory to evoke the tension between magazine graphics and unique views of New England life. Her works are made entirely of recycled paper on canvas. No other medium is added. 

Each paper collage involves an intensive search for images with the correct value, intensity, and hue, as well as printed words to represent a new photorealist form with layered meanings.

Before & After #1

Before & After #2

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