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This is a special bonus episode dedicated to the brave and courageous people of Ukraine and the enormously talented Ukrainian artists who depict the realities of the current war with Russia. Their work is powerful and very personal and makes us understand the scale of this war in a way no news coverage can do.

About the Brodsky family and the Ukrainian Spirit Art Fundraiser

Ukrainian Spirit - Eugenia and Samson Brodsky

In January 2022, the Brodskys – Eugenia, Samson, and their children – traveled to South East Asia on vacation. Little did they know that they won’t be going back to Kyiv… at least for now. The day Brodskys were going to catch their flight home was the first day of the Russian attacks on Ukraine.

Eugenia Brodsky is a photographer. She and her husband Samson, the video producer, are a part of the bright and dynamic Ukrainian creative scene.

Moved by the united Ukrainian spirit, Eugenia followed and collected artworks created by Ukrainian artists from the first days of the war. Often disturbing and undoubtedly powerful, these images helped her cope with the horrible reality her fellow Ukrainians are facing.

Ukrainian Voice. Your Choice!

At the end of May, Brodskys were able to enter the United States and ended up in San Diego, CA. They reached out to the artists from Eugenia’s list and put together a powerful art show and fundraiser “Ukrainian Voice. Your Choice!”

The show features artworks by 50 Ukrainian artists. All works were reproduced locally in the US and offered for sale as museum-quality prints. All the proceeds are directed to help Ukrainian families in need.

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