ITAS Podcast Season 3, Ep.9

In this episode, I’m happy to introduce you to the ArtReach San Diego mural program and its manager Isabel (Izzy) Halpern. Izzy and I are talking about the ways ArtReach is able to make every mural project a meaningful communal event and the effects this program makes on everyone involved.

ArtReach San Diego is one of my favorite organizations that I like to support. No wonder they are making recurring appearances on ITAS art podcast 🙂 And that’s for a good reason! ArtReach helps bring art and art education to schools and community centers that otherwise would have been left out due to lack of budget or other circumstances.

Listen to the conversation with Izzy Halpern in this episode of our art podcast!

ArtReach San Diego Mural Program Manager Izzy Halpern

About Izzy Halpern

Izzy Halpern specializes in leading collaborative, site-specific murals at schools and community sites. She joined the ArtReach team in 2015 after graduating with a BFA in Studio Arts from UC Berkeley. In 2018, she designed and launched the ArtReach Mural Program after leading several murals and spending the summer as an intern with Mural Arts Philadelphia.

She believes that every single project brings a new learning experience, a group of people to help form connections between, and a story to tell through painting. In her free time, she enjoys playing folk music and spending time with friends and family.

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