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Luz Maria Clayton is a digital artist and a small business owner in San Diego, CA. Her tiny art shop in City Heights just turned 2 years old and it’s already a landmark of the neighborhood! Luz and her mother create and sell gift items, jewelry, art prints, crocheted hats, aprons, throw blankets – you name it! The items that will make truly unique gifts from San Diego for any visitor to our city!

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Luz Maria Clayton and her mother at the front of their shop Arte De Luz in San Diego

About Arte De Luz

Arte De Luz is a small Gallery and Gift shop. When you come in you will be greeted by artist and owner, Luz Maria Clayton, or her Mom, Linda Garcia, and her husband Paul Garcia. This small family-friendly shop has a variety of original artwork, prints, stickers, and custom apparel designed by Luz. You will also find hand-sewn aprons, housewares, bags, crochet items, and more. Linda, a self-taught seamstress, also offers minor alterations at an affordable price.

About Luz Maria Clayton

Luz Maria Clayton, is a San Diego self-taught artist, specializing in digital and mixed media art. Luz has been showcasing and selling her art since June 2016. She has struggled with anxiety and depression since childhood and found that art is an outlet that has helped her cope with the symptoms and episodes that come with mental illness. Luz is very open about her journey and truly enjoys sharing her story with others in hopes to encourage others to dream big!

Artwork by Luz Maria Clayton

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Physical address: 4205 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92105





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