ITAS Podcast Season 8, Ep.4

This conversation with Corinne Whitaker made me feel like I am talking to a living legend. Just think about it, a woman artist who was an early adopter and explorer of digital art and an instumental force in bringing it forward as a fine art medium! The meeting of this significance surely don’t happen to me every day. I’m happy to bring you along and share Corinne’s fascinating story!

Join me and my guest for this episode of our art podcast!

About Corinne Whitaker

Corinne Whitaker digital art pioneer

Corinne Whitaker, aka the Digital Giraffe, has been acclaimed for 45 years as a pioneering artist in digital imaging and digital sculpture. She has exhibited worldwide in over 80 solo and 260 group exhibitions, including a large solo exhibit entitled “Corinne Whitaker: Digital Mindscapes” at the Monterey Museum of Art,  “Corinne Whitaker dot Uncom” at the San Bernardino County Museum, “No Rules” at the Peninsula Museum in Burlingame, CA.,  and “CyberSphere” at Stanford University.

She presented the first digital fine art exhibition in India and has shown work in Thailand, Germany, England, Japan, Russia, France, China, Singapore, and Italy. She has lectured extensively on the radical new iconography offered by the computer, including “Look Ma. No Paintbrush!” in 1994 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 

In 2021 she was one of 20 international sculptors selected to participate in a digital sculpture exhibition at the Galerie Maitre Albert in Paris, juried by an international panel of experts from Europe, China, America, and the Pacific.

Whitaker’s award-winning Digital Giraffe online journal is now in its 29th year of web publication. It presents a changing exhibit of digital sculpture, sculptural renderings, and paintings along with features, critiques, and articles, most of them archived online for the free use of scholars, curators, academics, art lovers, and critics.


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Digital Giraffe:


Paul Mahder Gallery:

“Girls With the Golden Veins” book: Amazon

AI music:

Current work: digital paintings and sculpture

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