ITAS Podcast Season 5, Ep.10

This episode is very different from most conversations I’ve had on the podcast. After a hurricane of a career in advertising, my guest Daiga Atvara is enjoying creative solitude and focusing her energy on explorations of natural pigments. In this episode, we are talking about her alchemic experiments, obsession with asteroids, and other things.

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Daiga Atvara

About Daiga Atvara

“What I create is free of language-based “stories.” My paintings are, perhaps, meditations in some way. I see myself as a mediator between the world of colorful energy fields, more or less intentional paintings that I make with my inks, and the impressions the viewer will find in them.

“Ink-making is the invisible part of my work that takes considerable time.

“I collect plants, fibers, metals, scraps, and things from all around. I experiment with combining different elements, letting them fuse, ferment, and transform.

“My work is free of intended reason; there is no aim, no cultural baggage, no explanation, no social dispositions, no emotional turmoil, no meaning-making, no human drama. The energy fields and waves on paper. Our perception and imagination are also just energy waves. We can let things go, and allow the impossible to happen – metals mingle with flowers, trees with iron, old nails with daffodils. Everything is in front of us. All we need to do is to choose what to make of it.”

Artwork by Daiga Atvara

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