ITAS Podcast Season 4, Ep.2

I always felt that I could allow myself to make ugly art only when my creative skills reach the highest point. Until then, it will look ridiculous… Well, Kristin Peterson disagrees! She makes a lot of ugly art — and it is absolutely stunning!

Back in September 2021, Kristin along with Tiffany Goff Smith (@southerngals_designs) and DeeDee Catron (@deedeecatron) created The Ugly Art Club as a safe place for all creatives to be who they are and be supported by others.

Listen to our conversation about the freedom of creation and about The Ugly Art Club in this episode of our art podcast!

Kristin Peterson - The Ugly Art Club

About Kristin Peterson

Kristin Peterson is a third-generation artist, originally from South Dakota. Kristin’s creative passion is inspired and supported by her husband and kids, all who encourage, critique, and promote her work.

Kristin is always exploring and expanding the creative depths of being an artist. She very much enjoys vintage collage work and mixed media.

Kristin loves color and things that have a love-worn comfortable feeling-like an old favorite pair of jeans-coffee stained, patched, painted, and well-loved. She wants her art to project feeling and make people feel good while looking at it. Her style contains vibrance mixed with a little funk, which is sprinkled with discreet sensibility.

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