ITAS Podcast Season 9, Ep.3

I love mixing up inspirational artists’ stories with some real-life valuable content that artists can apply to their business and creative practice. This episode is one such case because my guest is a seasoned art consultant/representative Erin Page who’s got years of experience working in high-end galleries and helping artists grow in their careers.

Great news for my local San Diego artists! Erin is giving a free art business workshop in January 2024 sponsored by Campana Studios and the City of Carlsbad. But don’t worry if you miss this one! Erin is planning on doing more of them in the future.

And if you are not in San Diego, you can always get an online consultation with Erin.

Listen to this episode and check the links and references below!

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About Erin Page

“Hi, I’m Erin Page, a passionate supporter of contemporary art. I believe in artists, from emerging to established, who dedicate their careers to advancing contemporary art and producing work that reflects our culture and time. I was raised in a home surrounded by sculptures, paintings, and installations. Much of my childhood was spent in my mother’s art gallery, watching the interactions between artist and dealer, the celebrations, hardships, and perseverance.”

As an artist advisor and representative, Erin Page places a strong emphasis on helping artists not only with career support and business development but also in discovering their authentic artistic practice and enhancing the quality of their work. Her candid approach has empowered numerous artists to discover better ideas, refine their practices, and achieve remarkable success in their artistic journeys.

As a private art consultant, Erin takes a curatorial approach to her work. She carefully considers the unique interests and preferences of each client, seeking to strike a balance between market relevancy and the aesthetic value of the art.

Artist Business Development Workshop

Links and references

Official website:


Artist Business Development Workshop: Eventbrite

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