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I have known Judy Salinksy since 2018 when we both were members of the San Dieguito Art Guild. I admired her work as a painter and I watched her explore the world of bronze sculpture for the first time. But little did I know about her personal story, the challenging upbringing as an artist, and victorious battles with lung cancer… Whatever life has thrown her way, she has never given up on herself and her art.

Listen to Judy’s story in this opening episode of Season 4 our art podcast!

Judy Salinsky - Surviving cancer

About Judy Salinsky

Judy is a painter and a sculptor. She has a passion for many mediums, which is equal to her passion for beauty and life. Her thoughts translated to canvas express the movement of swimming in the ocean and her dance experience drives her to explore three-dimensional art forms. 

The sculpture world opened up great avenues for Judy with her acceptance to the first National Sculpture Society California show in New York City, which has given her work national recognition. 

I have eclectic visions, with creative ideas coming at me throughout my day. I believe that creating art is a life-long learning process, one that should be enjoyable, educational, and nurturing.

Judy Salinsky

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