ITAS Podcast Episode #10

Tara Dunbar Strange Art

Buckle up, folks! This episode is an emotional rollercoaster. Tara Dunbar’s story is not a usual one, it’s full of pain, mistakes, and consequences. And it is the first time she is telling it in public. In short, her strange art is the means for her to get out of darkness and hopefully shine the way for others to do the same.

But no more spoilers! Listen to Tara’s vulnerable story in this episode.

Tara Dunbar on the joy of creative life

My art is Surrealistic and Original. I love to paint with all mediums– mixed madness is my specialty! I reach out by gifting art supplies to random kids, in hopes to bring some art love into the world. 

To enjoy being an artist, it takes being honest with myself and accepting the fact that I bore easily. I have to “let go and experiment” with all mediums and keep challenging myself. I get bored easily and dream of different ideas and artworks – I really cannot create them fast enough! I enjoy eating sweets occasionally because I enjoy the flavor in my mouth. I listen to music styles from all over the world because my ears are curious about these new sounds. I choose soft fabric to be against my skin because I enjoy the softness. I enjoy creating art because my eyes love it. I love looking at other people’s art as well, and that to me is pure enjoyment. I suggest pulling everything that is good in the world into your heart and enjoy life.

Success could just be as simple as coexisting and working along with other artists to make the world a more loving place. Success is what you want it to be, what makes you comfortable, and what makes you the happiest. You have to work hard every day at something that you love. It will successfully fill a giant void in your heart– if you love art, as I do. 

Where to find Tara online

Official Website: (coming soon)

Instagram: @strangeartkc101

Twitter: @StrangeArtKC1

Etsy: Art so Strange by Tara

Links and references

Tara’s episode on Outside: Inside Radio Podcast by Prison Arts Collective – Season 2, Episode 2

Reach One program

If you wish to support Tara’s Reach One initiative, the best way is to contact her directly on Instagram. All donations go toward the art supplies that are being gifted to children or women experiencing extreme life situations.

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