ITAS Podcast Episode #9

The artist of mundane life - Courtney Edgerson

There’s beauty in every moment of your day no matter how boring or meaningless it might seem at the first sight. This is exactly what Courtney Edgerson is showing in her art, specifically in her series of Mundane Women. And she knows first hand that you can always find time for creativity and for following your dream even when your days are filled with the hustle and bustle of adult life.

Listen to what Courtney has to say about it in the Episode #9.

Childhood influences

My aunt was an art teacher in Los Angeles for years, and she was one of the biggest influences that I had in my life early on. She introduced me to art, and so she would always have various art supplies that she would give me. I was just curious and just a child interested in art.

Bringing creativity to everyday job

I work with adults with intellectual and developmental delays. Our clients all live in a house. One of the things that I had done recently was to make a store for them in the house so that they can work towards earning play money to buy different items that they want without using their own money. So in that way, I was able to use little elements of creativity here and there. Your passion will find you. No matter what you end up doing, I feel like somehow, whatever you’re truly passionate about will always somehow find its way back in.

I always find time for art

I do my art after work, on weekends, or when I have days off. I get to do art and to paint as kind of an escape from different aspects of the day. A lot of times people think creativity is just going to come to you– sometimes that’s the case, but sometimes you need to make room for it. Being an artist for me is something innate. Even when I am not pursuing any artistic endeavors or painting every day, I still like to consider myself an Artist. The aspect I enjoy about being an artist is the ability to try many things.

I love the flexibility art can give me to create the kind of art I love.

The Mundane Women series

I started doing illustrations a few years ago, and I got really into drawing people. But I just was always fascinated by abstract art in different artists. They are so drastically different when you look at them. Earlier in 2020 actually was when I first started painting abstract work. I had always had an eye for it and a desire to do it, but I never did. I picked it up really well. Toward the end of 2020 or so, I was like, ‘Let me see if I can just try to combine both of the elements.’ I did a series called the Mundane Women Series, and that’s kind of where it started. I was doing my illustrations and drawing women, painting women, and then adding abstract elements to it. I’ve been calling it abstract expressionism.

I was going through the whole 2020 motions. I started to feel super mundane– everything was just feeling the same every day. I was kind of thinking about how life is just more mundane than it is extravagant. That’s kind of where the thought [the Mundane Women Series] came from. I wanted to embrace every mundane thing, so I highlighted that message with the series by finding the beauty within it and celebrating that. 

Success is in the process of making art

Success to me is continually showing up. There may be days or weeks where life can take its toll, and art finds its way to the back burner. But choosing to pick yourself back up and create again is a bold and courageous act. For me, art is something I will always pursue, no matter how many other endeavors I may partake in, I’ll always have my art. Success is creating in the times when the inspiration isn’t there and also taking the break when you need to.

Where to find Courtney online


Instagram: @CourtneySimoneArt

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