ITAS Podcast Season 2, Ep.8

This episode is a bit different… First of all, because it has already been posted on another art podcast as a collaborative project, and also because I was interviewed just as much as my guest romantic expressionist Caroline Karp. It’s hard to say who was who’s guest 🙂 Nonetheless, we had a great conversation and got to compare notes not only about our creative journeys but also about our podcast projects.

Please, check Caroline’s awesome show Behind the Art Inspiration

Listen to the full conversation with Caroline Karp in the S2 Ep8 of ITAS Podcast.

Romantic Expressionist Caroline Karp

About Caroline Karp

Much of Caroline’s work begins while traveling to beautiful vistas. Then, she adds finishing touches at her studio. There is an imaginative and magical element to her work. It has been called hauntingly beautiful.

Caroline believes that there is healing and transformation happen when she paints by herself and with others. This transformation is one toward empowerment.

In some ways, my life has been about four things.  Art, spirituality, nature and the well-being of humankind. For me, making a painting is like falling in love. My work tends to be bold, and a lot of passion and emotion comes along with the process. It is the journey into the uncertainty, and it is an awakening of the heart.

Caroline Karp

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