ITAS Podcast Season 2, Ep.7

In this episode, I am talking to Diana Adams, an artist and founder of Sample HAUS. Listen to her story to learn how she came to being a potter, where does the name Sample HAUS come from, and what she does to help other potters of color and young artists, in general, to get noticed.

Listen to the full interview with Diana Adams in the S2 Ep7 of ITAS Podcast.

Diana Adams Sample Haus

About Diana Adams

With a background in Fine Art and Interior Architecture, Diana Adams found a way to combine her natural artistic talents with her respect for what the interior design industry is doing for creating more sustainable environments and lifestyles.  The interior design and architectural industry has been leading the charge in sustainable design and reducing our carbon footprint, but simultaneously generating waste of their own in the process.

“I want to do my part in utilizing and upcycling what would have been discarded and giving it a new life. This could be anything from discontinued or excess samples that vendors create for marketing, to scraps of materials leftover from upholstery and building materials.”

Diana Adams

This is how SampleHAUS was born

SampleHAUS got its start by creatively up-cycling interior design waste into eclectic home decor. While working at an interior design firm, Diana was always surrounded by beautiful fabrics and other materials that mostly ended up getting thrown away, for reasons such as discontinuation or project surpluses. She decided to begin collecting these excess materials and that’s when SampleHAUS was born.

“Today, my pottery has taken the spotlight, but it is funding my mission to reduce textile waste in the world.  Let’s see where this goes.”

Diana Adams

Support Potters of Color!

Diana Adams and Kaabo Clay Collective are raising funds to bring at least 10 Potters of Color to this year’s NCECA Ceramic Convention where black artists have so far been hugely underrepresented.

NCECA ceramic convention

How to donate

Go to or to to make a direct donation via PayPal

Purchase a t-shirt from a Pottery Soul collection

Links and references

Official website:



Sample HAUS collection for West Elm

Diana’s interview for The Maker’s Playbook podcast

Diana’s interview for The Potters Cast

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