ITAS Podcast Season 2, Ep.6

During the pandemic, we all have adjusted our life and work situations to be completely virtual. But what if you are a fine art photographer or a model? In this episode, I have both – Wendy Garfinkel, an accomplished fine art photographer, and Astrid Kallsen, a professional model – to talk about the remote studio photoshoots. 

Listen to the full interview with Wendy and Astrid in the S2 Ep6 of ITAS Podcast.

Wendy Garfinkel-Gold

About Wendy Garfinkel-Gold

Wendy has loved photography since childhood. She went to art school in the early 1980s and spent many hours in the library looking at photography books and publications. Getting lost in these artworks was a great source of inspiration. Compared to our current bombardment of imagery online, this was a way to see a lot of work without traveling to photo galleries in distant states.

After graduation, Wendy worked for a commercial photographer in NYC, a large advertising agency, and a film production company. Her love for photography always remained even though she worked in related media. During 2014 and after 23 years as a graphic designer, she decided to study photography and explore the medium full-time. She has chosen various subjects from still life to natural light nude as well as artistic portraiture.

We have published an article about Wendy previously on ITAS blog. Check it out! “From Georgia to Vogue Italia”

Virtual photoshoots by Wendy Garfinkel-Gold

Astrid Kallsen

About Astrid Kallsen

Astrid Kallsen is a full-time model working freelance since 2018. She started modeling in college as a hobby, and it became her career after she graduated. She works without an agent which allows her the freedom to choose the jobs she wants. She often travels for work around the country and sometimes internationally. Astrid specializes in modeling art, underwater, and ethereal type looks but enjoys a range of styles and genres. She enjoys the adventures of modeling and the challenges of running a small business.

Joint work by Wendy Garfinkel-Gold and Astrid Kallsen

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