ITAS Podcast Season 2, Ep.5

Sue Britt is a creator of a unique style of art – paper tapestries. Her work is so tangible, architectural, and detailed, it reminds me of the delicate European mosaics. I truly have no proper words to describe her work, so I will let her do it instead.

Listen to the full interview with Sue Britt in the S2 Ep5 of ITAS Podcast.

Sue Britt - paper tapestries

About Sue Brit

“I weave paper because I see the world as a tapestry – plaited with rich color, layered with stories of nature’s cycles, laced together by time” – says Sue. She creates her landscapes from memory. She finds that working from memory helps distill the scenes to essential contours. As a result, many of the forms you see in her work are not what might be captured in a photo but are reminders that evoke common feelings and experiences in this world we share.

Sue Britt works both in her home studio and in Studio 34A in Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park, San Diego. She always welcomes visitors who are interested to see her creative process. If you happen to be in the area and would love to meet Sue, contact her and make an appointment for a studio visit. Check links and references for contact information.

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Links and references

Official website: 


Contact form:


The revival of Himalayan papermaking, an article: Open PDF

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