ITAS Podcast Season 2, Ep.4

I know first-hand what it means to transition from a corporate job to an art world. This is why I was especially excited to have this conversation with Jenny Jakl. She’s my people! She understands the struggle and goes through the same turmoils. And she also seems to get a pretty good system for herself, so I had to pick her brain 😉

Listen to the full interview with Jenny in the S2 Ep4 of ITAS Podcast.

About Jenny Jakl

As a former Corporate Executive turned Creative, Jenny is on a Creative journey to re-awaken the creative inside of me who’s been silenced for several years. She creates vibrant, bold, abstract pieces that are inspired by everyday life but also are a liberating experience to deal with the traumas of her past career. She understands the challenges of going from a structured 9-5 job to being a creative entrepreneur.

“I’ve immersed myself in the healing powers of art as a way to be liberated from a world of structure into a fluid, free, and creative life.”

Jenny Jakl

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