ITAS Podcast Season 5, Ep.1

Fun fact! Chelsea and I have already had one attempt to record this episode about a year ago. Unfortunately, the technology failed us then and we couldn’t find another time to do it until now. I’m so happy and so grateful for her making time to talk to me again and share her story. I’ve been following Chelsea’s seed pods art since the beginning, her work is absolutely enchanting! She’s being called a Queen of Seed Pods – rightfully so. To this day, I haven’t seen anything like this in the global art scene.

Listen to this episode of our art podcast to learn everything about Chelsea’s art and inspiration!

Chelsea Baker - seed pods art

About Chelsea Baker

Hello Chelsart (Chelsea Baker) celebrates the human connection with nature, illuminating nature’s own designs through mindful observation. Mother of two living in Toowoomba Australia with her Husband, she has a passion for collecting seedpods from all over Australia and transforming them into original designs.

Her aim is to uncover the unseen and discarded treasures of seed pods through the art practice of revealing natural patterns and forms through paint and color.

Seed pods art by Hello Chelsart

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