ITAS Podcast Season 8, Ep.3

In this episode, I’m talking to an art non-profit founder from Kentucky Morgan Hancock. And, boy, is her organization Bourbon With Heart unique and amazingly influential! Just two years in, Bourbon With Heart has already gathered a community around art, given valuable opportunities to local artists, helped veterans, and supported multiple other non-profits!

Jump onto this episode to hear about all this from Morgan herself!

Morgan Hancock of Bourbon with Heart

About Morgan Hancock

Morgan Hancock, a US Army veteran, and mother of two, is a passionate advocate of the arts. She serves as the Founder and Director of “Bourbon with Heart, Inc.”, the world’s first and only art bourbon charity. 

About Bourbon With Heart

Bourbon with Heart’s (501c3) mission is to leverage the influence and popularity of Bourbon to raise awareness surrounding Kentucky’s art community, provide Kentuckians with better access to first-class arts experiences regardless of age, race, class, gender, or ability -and raise funds for other non-profits.  

Projects by Bourbon With Heart

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