ITAS Podcast Season 7, Ep.10

I’m closing this season with Caroline Karp who you might remember from the collab episode we did back in Season 2. This time, Caroline is talking about her approach to plein air painting which she turns into a public performance more often than not.

Listen to this episode to learn more about this and Caroline’s new book project!

caroline karp plein air painter

About Caroline Karp

Caroline Karp is a multi-talented artist, author/illustrator, educator, and host of the Behind the Art Inspiration Podcast. Her passion for art has led her to travel and establish studios in Washington D.C., Kauai, and Tampa Bay. Caroline’s art captures the essence of the environment, embodying the energy of expression in her work.

As a Plein Air painter, Caroline uses an expressionistic perspective to capture moments and places. Her paintings are known for their boldness and the intense emotion that comes with the creation process.

Caroline’s artwork has been commissioned by people all around the world, including celebrities like supermodel Kate Upton and MLB player Justin Verlander. She has been recognized as an international artist and has been featured in several podcasts and publications, such as New Visionary, The Georgetowner, and Art NXT Level. Caroline is also the founder of the International Online Art Collective, a group of artists who believe in the power of art to inspire, provoke, and heal.

As a live painter, Caroline creates a sacred space where she can share her heart, be authentic, and allow creativity to flow. She is dedicated to the well-being of humankind and believes that making art is a journey into the unknown, an awakening of the heart. With her unique combination of talents, Caroline Karp is a true inspiration in the world of art.

Caroline obtained her BFA from Florida State University in 1991 and her MA from the University of Colorado. Upon graduating, she moved to Colorado for ten years to continue her career as a painter and educator. After living in Denver, she is now living in Clearwater, Florida where you can find her on the golf course, pickleball court, out on the water, or in her studio painting.

Work by Caroline Karp

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Co-author of The Art of Expressive Living: Romanticize Your Life: (chapter 57)

Stay tuned for the 2 subscription-based programs Caroline is getting ready to launch: The Creative Genius Zone and Romanticize Your Life

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