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Vervor shop in San Diego is one of those treasure-box art stores that could be overlooked on a busy street, but once you are in it’s hard to leave. It became a real sanctuary for many local artists and a beloved destination for tourists and San Diego residents.

Vervor has a unique back story and an even more unique owner whose devotion to the local art community is a driver for some major developments in the neighborhood.

Learn more about Vervor shop and its owner Aaron Null in this holiday bonus episode!

Aaron Null Vervor shop

About Aaron Null

San Diego resident for 13 years, originally from outside Philly with a brief stint in LA. Aaron Null is a graphic designer focusing on print and brand design.

About Vervor Shop

Vervor Shop was born out of the need for a bigger office and the idea of connecting all the funky artists in Ocean Beach, San Diego!

Aaron Null: “From our initial 40 artists we have grown to 240! We feature art, ceramics, jewelry, and handcrafts of all kinds on a consignment basis. It is especially rewarding to be supporting young and emerging artists who are simply expressing themselves with passion and learning their craft.”

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