ITAS Podcast Season 6, Ep.3

What do you see when you look into your trash can? Trash? Ruby Silvious sees opportunities. Throughout her career, she painted on eggshells, pistachio shells, acorns, and other stuff, she used fast food wrappers to create bras. But more than anything, she is known for her work with teabags. Not only she has been painting intricate scenes and portraits, but she also used teabags as a medium to create collages and even clothing garments.

Listen to my conversation with Ruby in this episode of our art podcats!

Ruby Silvious

About Ruby Silvious

Ruby Silvious is internationally recognized for her miniature paintings and collages on the used tea bag. On January 3, 2015, she started a project called 363 Days of Tea, a visual daily record of her impression of the moment, using the emptied-out tea bag as her canvas, and altering it to create a new work of art every day for 363 days.

She draws, paints, prints, and collages moody, evocative, and sometimes whimsical art on used teabag paper. She is the author of 363 Days of Tea: A Visual Journal on Used Teabags (Mascot Books, 2016), and Reclaimed Canvas: Reimagining the Familiar (Mascot Books, 2019). In her new book, Ruby wants viewers to keep an open mind and think beyond the boundaries of what they may consider traditional art.

Artwork by Ruby Silvious

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March 4 thru April 23, 2023
Ostfriesisches Teemuseum in Norden, Germany

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