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Marcos Negrao’s story proves that if you are destined to do something significant in this world the universe is going to pull all possible strings to help you. That’s exactly what happened on his journey of making the documentary film Child of Nature. And the magic didn’t stop there! Not only did this documentary get various awards, but it also created a platform for children all over the world to connect and make a real change.

And if you are still skeptical about how children can change the world, well, listen to my interview with Marcos and then go rent the film on your streaming platform of choice! See the links down below.

Marcos Negrao

About Marcos Negrao

Marcos Negrao is a Brazilian film director, producer, and cinematographer. His main focus is global documentary projects with international appeal, social impact, and potential to promote change. Through this concept, Marcos was already honored with over 30 international awards and has been working with partners like Discovery Channel, Amazon, ARTE, RAI, RTP, ABC, and many others.

About the Child Of Nature film

Winner of 5 international awards and acclaimed by kids, families, and communities all over the world, the Child of Nature Feature documentary is an epic global journey, filmed in 15 countries over 4 years.

Narrated by a young journalist from India, the movie follows 5 connected stories of young people who against all odds are transforming their lives and the lives of those around them.

Links and references

Child of Nature Trailer:

Official website:


Watch Child of Nature: Apple TV, iTunes, Google, YouTube





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