ITAS Podcast Season 5, Ep.4

In this episode, I’m talking to the New York-based artist Rose Brawn about her lifelong physical issues and how they inspired her newest work. The idea that damage can make even a “perfect” object unique and beautiful is at the center of Rose’s exploration. And, boy, does she make it stunningly obvious!

Rose Brawn, NY-based artist

From Rose Brawn

“I use the circle because it represents life and wholeness. The paper has a story, and when it is torn, a scar is left. When it is crumpled, it becomes wrinkled. When printed on or painted a mark is left. With care and creativity, the pieces become whole again. Just like us, we all have stories and they change us but that does not mean we are not whole.

“I myself am differently abled and it has left me with both physical and mental scars.

“There are points in my life where I felt ashamed of my differences, but now I am starting to come to peace with myself.

“This work celebrates individuals and their stories, hardships, choices, and triumphs. None of these things make you less than. You are still whole. You are beautiful.”

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