ITAS Podcast Season 6, Ep.9

I’ve been overtaken by my guest’s energy today! Cybele Rowe is a true force of nature! She refuses to compromise her art for the sake of commercial success, although, she has a very successful art career. Just read her bio below and you’ll get it. I won’t give away more than I should because I want you to experience the same tsunami of energy that I did while talking to her.

There’s one thing that I left out of this episode. Cybele told me a story about creating and installing the sculpture at the nudist colony. It will be available on our Patreon 🙂 Head out there to listen!

And in the meantime, listen to this episode with Cybele Rowe

Cybele Rowe and her sculpture in Joshua Tree

About Cybele Rowe

Cybele Rowe was born in Sydney Australia. After graduating with degrees in Sculpture and Painting, Rowe relocated to NYC at age 24. Pursuing her ceramics and paintings she was featured in Bergdorf Goodman, the World Bank Washington DC, and The Kennedy Center, and lectured on her work for the Smithsonian. Her exhibiting schedule has been rigorous for 40 years working daily in multiple media.

After the birth of her first son, she relocated to Southern California where she resides in a small unincorporated town in Orange County and the Hi-Desert.

“All of my movements over the surface of the work by hand, tool, or paintbrush are done whilst having a dialogue with the medium in Real-time. Whether created for a thermal body within a kiln or the poured surface of bronzes, being carved from wood or forms cast in concrete, paintings, or tuftings, there are many mistakes within a work, all accumulating with my decisions to try and coax it to completion. These actions can be glorious with an unexpected success story or a complete disaster. These mistakes are never in vain, they are always teachers in the dialogue of building and that is where the art lies for me. My works, like me, are not perfect, ever.”

Work by Cybele Rowe

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