ITAS Podcast Season 6, Ep.8

It seems like we are drilling down the realm of fine art photography this season. In this episode, I’m speaking with Canadian artist Amy Friend whose love for photography and history and a passion for family roots exploration is beautifully manifested through her work with vintage photographs and slides. I was fascinated by her stories, her vision of our global connection, and her out-of-the-box experimental processes.

Listen to this episode to learn more about Amy’s story and art!

Canadian artist Amy Friend

About Amy Friend

Amy Friend is originally from the outskirts of Windsor, Ontario. Friend’s work fluctuates with investigations relative to familial and broader histories, time, land memory, dust, lakes and oceans, and our connection to the universe. Friend works with various methodologies through photography, installation, and community-based collaborations.

Her early upbringing greatly shaped her creative interests. Friend’s home was positioned where Lake St. Clair meets the Detroit River. Each of these bodies of water is fed by Lake Huron and Lake Erie making water a dominant feature in Amy Friend’s life and work. Friend’s interest in history and storytelling was influenced through her experience as a young child raised in a small, predominately immigrant neighborhood with Italian, Scottish, and Norwegian roots playing a clear role in the formation of her identity. Along with these roots came abundant stories from the past. These formed Friend’s interest in who we are on this land and in these waters. Her work is tethered between the real and the unreal. Currently, Friend can be found on the shores Lake and Sea working on a new project that incorporates experimental photo processes.

Work by Amy Friend

Links and references

official website:


The Atlantic: The Transcendent Brain

Current exhibitions

Houston Center for Photography – 2023 Print Auction Exhibition
February 17th – March 1st, 2023

Seoul Museum 10th anniversary – 3650 Storage

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