ITAS Podcast Season 9, Ep.7

Bea Gold, an artist, writer, and a great friend of mine, invited me to be a part of the exciting project. She wrote and illustrated her second book and asked me to help her with designing, publishing, and promoting it. How could I say no?

In this episode, Bea and I share our experience as amateurs in the book publishing world and talk about her inspiration and the process of creating this book.

Listen to our conversation in this episode on In The Art Scene!

Bea Gold on publishing a book

About Bea Gold

“I am a painter, woodcut artist, avid gardener, community activist, mother of 4 children, grandmother of 5, and great-grandmother of 4. Born in 1927 in New Your City, I attended the Art Student’s League under scholarship during my high school years and beyond.

“I relocated to California as a young adult, and lived in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles for 37 years. I presently live in Encinitas and am a member of the San Dieguito Art Guild. I am a member of an international, on-line wood-cut society, Where I take part in woodcut exchanges. I also paint family portraits on commission.

“In 2011, I completed a volume of 36 one-page stories based on my memories of my childhood in the 1930s and 40s. The stories are in the voice of the child and portray the experiences of a young, Jewish, first-generation American girl growing up in old New York.

“In 2024, I published my second book “Shopping With Mama” which describes the various stores in the community where I was growing up and includes the recipes related to the foods from those stores.”

Artwork by Bea Gold

Links and references

Official website:

“Shopping With Mama” on Amazon

“Tell Me A Story” on Amazon

Bea’s first ITAS interview


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