ITAS Podcast Season 6, Ep.7

I am so excited about this episode because my guest Russian-born artist Masha Kechaeva is doing something that we have never discussed on a podcast before. Her art expression includes costume and set design, photography, performance, filmmaking, and directing – all at the same time! Her work is unique, thought-provoking, surrealistic, and sensual. And you have to see it for yourself to comprehend it!

Check out this episode, images of Masha’s work, and links down below!

Russian artist Masha Kechaeva

About Masha Kechaeva

Masha Kechaeva (born in 1988) is an artist from Moscow, Russia. She graduated from Russian State University for the Humanities in 2010, Moscow Fashion School in 2011, and the British Higher School of Art and Design – in 2015. She worked for The Theatre of Nations (Moscow), Gogol-center theatre (Moscow), The Meyerhold Theatre Centre (Moscow), and the Norwegian Theatre Academy (Fredrikstad, Norway). She is a participant in an annual architecture and art festival Archstoyanie (Russia).

Masha is a multi-disciplinary artist. She uses established techniques and develops original work through a combination of costume and set design, lighting, video, photography, choreography and directing. An important part of her artistic research, whether it’s working on a performance or personal project, is studying rituals, symbols, unconscious memories, and dreams.

Work by Masha Kechaeva

Links and references

official website:


Online class:

Book recommendation: Arnold Van Gennep “The rites of passage”

Theatre: Dimitris Papaioannou, Robert Wilson, Katie Mitchell,  Jan Fabre, Kirill Serebrennikov

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