ITAS Podcast Season 7, Ep.7

Fascinating and inspiring conversation with Ingrid Hoffmeister especially for the psychology geeks like myself! Ingrid is a retired therapist. Although she has never practiced Jungian analysis herself, she found huge inspiration in his concept of dreams and active imagination which changed the way she approaches creativity forever.

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Ingrid Hoffmeister art and Jungian psychology

About Ingrid Hoffmeister

Born and educated in England, Ingrid moved to the USA in 1984 where she received her MA in psychology and practiced as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. Her interest in the work of Psychologist Carl Jung impacted her own creative journey including co-facilitating numerous yoga and creative workshops entitled, “Play 2 Create”. Ingrid has worked in California, Italy, Mexico and England. 

Her paintings have been exhibited at Bastyr University, San Diego, North Coast Repertory Theatre Gallery and Lyceum Gallery for San Diego Repertory Theatre. In 2017 she exhibited at the Oasis Bamboo Grove Gallery in San Diego and Gallery de la Ciudad, Tijuana, Mexico.

Artist’s statement

I approach the canvas with no preconceived notion of what will emerge. I am only committed to following my inner visions and imagination, which seeks actualization. There is almost a sacred demand for attention as I work to spontaneously discover the colors, shapes and composition of the piece. The visual image is a deep echo or reflection of the anatomy of my internal psyche over 70 years. 

Work by Ingrid Hoffmeister

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