ITAS Podcast Season 9, Ep.5

Jen Brown is another extraordinary artist from San Diego who seems to have an open channel with the Universe itself. A portrait photographer, Jen decided to venture into the new paradigm and became a host of the live drawing sessions – and that’s when the magic happened.

Listen to my conversation with Jen on this episode and learn more about her mystical adventures.

Jen Brown

About Jen Brown

“I was 14 when my mom gifted me her Olympus film camera and I became enchanted with the magic of making images and seeing them develop in the darkroom. Fast forward to Junior year in college– at 19, I went to study abroad in Paris, France. Camera in hand, I set out to discover everything about that incredible city. By day, I attended courses at Parson’s School of Photography, roamed the Louvre, sketched at the Musee Rodin,

stole photos of interesting characters on the metro, and created portraits of friends. Night turned to dawn as I lost track of all time developing my black and white prints in the tiny basement darkroom of my dormitory.

Artwork by Jen Brown

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