ITAS Podcast Season 8, Ep.9

I cannot emphasize enough the coolness of Tim Fite and the conversation that we had on the podcast! From making fun music to literally doodling the mural on all 4 walls and every surface of the room, to creating a children’s book that I wish I had as a child.

Tim Fite’s child-like persona and his endless creativity have made my day! And, I’m sure, will make yours after you listen to this epidoe!

tim fite

About Tim Fite

Tim Fite used to be an artsy rapper. Now he’s just artsy. He doesn’t drink. He doesn’t do drugs. He prefers solitude/contemplation to hobnobbing/affectation. This preference affords Fite the time/freedom to make compositionally complex,

allegorical drawings that occasionally have a musical or performative component. Fite believes creativity, communication, and compassion are the keys to fostering a more benevolent and inclusive society, and hopes his art and music can contribute to that end. 

This past year, Fite published a children’s picture book with Simon & Schuster entitled “A Bucket of Questions.” He was the guest artist at SPACE in Portland, Maine where his wall drawing “Paradise Will Break Your Heart” transformed over 70 feet of wall space. And, most recently, Fites’s solo show of multimedia work, “Positive Negative” was on view at Hot Wood Arts in Red Hook, Brooklyn. 

In the Spring of 2024, Fite will have his 4th exhibition at Gallery Tom Blaess in Bern, Switzerland.

Artwork by Tim Fite

Links and references

Official website:


A Bucket of Questions – buy the book

Virtual studio tour on YouTube

More on the residency in Switzerland:

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