ITAS Podcast Season 3, Ep.8

I’m very excited to have Nellie Scott, Director of Corita Art Center in LA as my guest for this episode!

My very first introduction to Corita’s art was in December 2019 when I was working on a project based on my series of influential women for a local charity auction. Her story, dedication to art and art education, and freedom of her spirit blew my mind! She spent most of her creative years as a Catholic religious sister of the order of Immaculate Heart of Mary in Los Angeles, CA. A woman artist (in the 1960s mind you!), an educator, an activist, and a leader – she embodied everything we praise today but unfortunately was almost forgotten by the art community in the last 3 decades. This is why Nellie Scott, an art historian, and Director of Corita Art Center is so passionate about saving her legacy and introducing it to as many people out there as possible!

Corita Kent, also known as Sister Mary Corita, was an artist with an innovative approach to design and education. By the 1960s, her vibrant serigraphs were drawing international acclaim. Her work reflected her concerns about poverty, racism, and war, and her messages of peace and social justice continue to resonate with audiences today.

Listen to our conversation with Nellie about Corita’s legacy in this episode of our art podcast!

Nellie Scott - Corita Art Center

About Nellie Scott

Nellie Scott is the Director of the Corita Art Center, representing the Corita Kent estate. Scott holds her degree in Art History from Portland State University and Szeged University in Hungary, focusing on Indigenous Art and Social Practice.

With art accessibility as a pillar of all of her professional endeavors, Scott has spent the last decade developing exhibitions and art education initiatives geared toward democratizing art engagement. Prior to holding the position of Director at the Corita Art Center, she served as an independent consultant and art advisor for a variety of public and private foundations, institutions, artists, and estates. Scott currently serves on the USC Roski School of Art and Design Board of Councilors.

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