ITAS Podcast Season 4, Ep.3

How about some cool art with a love for music and care for the planet? When I first heard Adelina Gonzales’s story I immediately knew I gotta get her on the podcast! An artist and a concert industry insider, she figured out how to turn wasted drumheads and trashed vinyl records into artworks. And she didn’t stop there.

Listen to Adelina’s story in this episode of our art podcast!

Adelina Gonzales That5280Lady - Music Inspired

About Adelina Gonzales (That5280Lady)

That5280Lady, aka Adelina Gonzalez, is an artist, whose artwork is inspired by all things music, her experiences, and the city that raised her, Denver, Colorado. As a former DJ, Lighting Tech, Roadie, and lover of all things music she is no stranger to the music industry and how it has a pulse of its own. She recycles trash vinyl records, drum heads, cassettes, and CDs into original works of art.

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