ITAS Podcast Season 8, Ep.5

Photographer from Australia Tania Malkin spends most of what she makes at her day job to hire a plane and travel to inhabitable places only to take pictures from thousands of miles above the earth. And if you think that this is too much, I’ve got a surprise for you – this is only a tiny part of what goes into making this kind of photography!

Listen to Tania explain her entire process in this episode!

Tania Malkin photography

About Tania Malkin

I am an Artist and a Photographer, living in the north of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. I have studied Art and Design with a major in Fine Art, as well as Education and Law.

I always wanted to be a photographer and when I was young I used to collect

postcards while on our family holidays. I love landscapes and I love the impressionists’ artwork. I got my First Camera when I was 7, an old 35mm SLR Agfa with a 50mm lens. I took it everywhere. The transition from film to digital occurred for me in 2005 and I really enjoy digital, but I still use film occasionally.

I took my first aerial flight in 2003, where I chartered a tiger moth vintage plane, as it was not easy back then to find door off charters and this was the best aircraft I could find to allow me to photograph unobstructed. I loved it and became obsessed with Aerial Landscapes.

Currently working as a Photographer passionate about aerial Landscapes, conservation, and Indigenous Culture in Australia. I also work as a Visual Artist in the mediums of Painting (mixed media) and Ceramic sculpture.

Artwork by Tania Malkin

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