Galina Marcus

Hi, I’m Galina Marcus

I’m a self-taught artist, a mental wellness advocate, and an environmental enthusiast. I hold a Bachelor’s in Fashion Design, a Master’s in Psychology, and 15 years of successful practice in corporate marketing.

In The Art Scene is my brainchild. I’m fascinated by the rainbow of stories that bring people to practicing arts. No story is the same, yet they all have something so familiar and relatable. These stories help us connect to one another and create a diverse and supportive art community.

Ron Marcus

Hi, I’m Ron Marcus

I’m a martial artist, musician, and tech geek. I’m also a 9-5 marketing director. And in my spare time, I’m part of the In The Art Scene crew.

At In The Art Scene, founded by my lovely and talented artist wife Galina, I’m one of the co-hosts, as well as the sound engineer and producer, taking care of the recording and editing of the ITAS Podcast.

It’s what I was born to do, ever since I overdubbed tracks from my dinky Casio keyboard onto two Panasonic portable cassette players back in the beginning of the ’80s. Three decades later, I was the producer and director, as well as one of the videographers, editors, and on-air hosts, for a YouTube TV show I produced about San Diego entertainment called “Shindy.TV.” Back then, our sign-off was, “You’re in the Scene with Shindy.TV.”

How fitting it is that now, I’m In The Art Scene!

Anna Kasner

Hi, I’m Anna Kasner

Before joining In the Art Scene, I received a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations at Western Washington University. The beauty of the rich greenery and rocky beaches of the Pacific Northwest inspired me to practice artwork myself. When I’m not working my role as the ITAS marketing assistant, I spend time outside writing poetry, shooting photos, or exercising yoga.

Currently, I focus on artist content, blog posts, and design work. In addition, I communicate with the team, ensuring that the values and vision of ITAS are upheld. My personal mission is to seek artists from different backgrounds that inspire readers and listeners to step out of their comfort zones to participate in what they love.