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Hey, Artist!

Being an emerging artist in 2020 is tough. Although there are many relief funds and new opportunities, there’s really no universal place to help artists grow. For free.

We have to navigate new channels, innovate on the go, and compete with fellow artists sometimes. And this is not fair.

Listen up! This is YOUR website.

I volunteered to create this platform for artists to showcase their work, share their stories and skills. My short-term goal is to help artists with promotion and online exposure. My long-term goal is to provide an additional income stream for all participants.

Please, read a few things I promise and a few more I’d like you to promise to help us all thrive.

I promise:

  • To always publish art artists’ content free of charge
  • To moderate, supervise and edit to my best abilities all the content submitted by artists
  • To never create membership fees or any other stupid fees
  • To welcome and treat all participants equally and respectfully
  • To maintain the website and take care of SEO
  • To share ALL content on social media for extra exposure
  • To always look for new ways to help the platform and our artists thrive
  • To be open-minded for the new suggestions and constructive feedback
  • To ask for and welcome any help with maintaining and growing the platform to its best
  • To be available for communication with the artists and to always answer their questions

Artist to promise:

  • To prepare your content carefully and in full before you submit it
  • To refrain from judgment of someone else’s content
  • To be honest and respectful to me, other artists, and everyone involved in making this project work
  • To avoid intolerance and haterade in your content and messages regardless of the subject
  • To share our content on your social media
  • To invite your friends, family, and fellow artists to check our platform
  • To volunteer to maintain the platform as time and resources allow you to do so
  • To not shy away from asking questions and sharing ideas

If you agree to these terms, you are WELCOME!

Now, go check our fabulous content, submit your own and sign up to newsletter!


Galina Marcus